Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's Better Handmade: It's Better Handmade

It's Better Handmade: It's Better Handmade

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Handmade Really is Better

Have you ever bought something from one of those chain stores only to get it home and within a day it breaks or falls apart? I know everyone has had this happen at least once. Yes, you can exchange the product for a new one. But, why should you have to go through all that trouble just to save a few dollars? The trip back to the store costs money for vehicle fuel, right? So, in the long run, you're really not saving money. You may even end up spending more!
I believe buying handmade goods is the only option for home decor, clothing, jewelry, dishes, etc... Yes, there are some things that must be bought commercially, such as toilet paper, dish and laundry soap, medicine, and food. But, I'm certain that buying everything else handmade is a wise decision and an even better investment. Things that are handmade are simply made better!
Do you really think factory workers care whether or not a shirt or purse is made correctly only so they can earn slave labor wages? NO!!! They couldn't care less. I mean no offense to anyone who is forced to work in a factory as the only means of supporting a family. What bothers me is the factory as a whole certainly cannot be producing anything even close to the quality of a product that was lovingly hand cut, sewn, assembled, or created.
Any self respecting artisan takes real time to create not only a work of art, but also something that will last seemingly forever. Blood, sweat, tears, love, and true craftsmanship go into each and every piece of jewelry, clothing, dishware, artwork,etc... that is hand made!
I have several favorite handmade shops that sell reasonably priced every day needed items. One example is BPR Designs on Etsy .
They make beautiful dishes that are truly great quality at affordable prices.

What if you need an area rug? Would you rather spend $75 on a manufactured rug or $75 on a handmade rug made from recycled material? Debs Crochet
has beautiful area rugs handmade with recycled tee shirts and fabrics.

What about drinking glasses? I know I've personally wasted over $100 on store bought glasses that break within a few months. This cool shop makes beautiful personalized glass sets for about the same price as a commercial retailer. And I am sure the handmade glasses with last 10 times as long! Visit Brain Tees for quality glass tumblers.

I could really go on and on about why buying handmade really is better. Why don't you give buying handmade a try and see for yourself! Handmade truly is better!


Moonflower20 said...

Congratulations on your first blog, Wendy! I love the article and the page set up, and you're so sweet to promote other artisans, too. Your page is so colorful and happy! Great job!

Joyousworld said...

I totally agree Wendy... handmade is much better. I started creating out of necessity because I wanted something a little different from what you can buy..... so to me originality and quality make it worth it. Any one who has gone out and run into someone wearing the same dress that you are wearing or the same earrings and has been genuinely embarrassed would probably agree......
Wonderful start to your blog btw :)

Ribasus said...

Great way to start your blogging! Well done!

MissWendyofBeanzBeads said...

Thanks for the sweet compliments gals! I hope to write a new one soon!